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LMR-200 Flexible Low Loss Coax
Retail Price: $381.95
You save: $76.39  (20%)
Our Price: $305.56
LMR-200 Flexible Low Loss Coax
Retail Price: $0.98
You save: $0.20  (20%)
Our Price: $0.78
LMR-240 Flexible Low Loss Coax
Retail Price: $1.21
You save: $0.24  (20%)
Our Price: $0.97


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Licensed Radio Service Sales and Programming

Several of the radios sold and programmed by M Chambers Communications Engineering LLC operate on frequencies that may require a license from the Federal Communications Commission.

FCC Part 87 Aviation band radios will be sold only to FAA certfied pilots, FBOs, airport authorities, those holding a valid FCC Part 87 license or emergency response agencies that own or manage air assets.

Radios may be sold that operate in frequencies of the FCC Part 90 Business and Public Safety Private Land Mobile Radio Service (LMRS). It is the policy of M Chambers Communications Engineering LLC to verify that radios sold and programmed are to those licensed or authorized on LMRS radio systems. We reserve the right to refuse to program or sell radios if such authorization can not be verified.

If you or your organization are interested in obtaining an LMRS license from the FCC, you can contact our friends at Bigham Wireless in Macon, MO for information on frequency coordination and licensing.

FCC Part 95 General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios sales are not restricted as many GMRS capable radios also operate on the license free Family Radio Service (FRS) band. Individuals and organizations purchasing GMRS radios should read and understand the rules of the GMRS service before operating on GMRS channels. Licenses can be obtained by filing online on the Universal Licensing System of the FCC.

Part 95 Citizens Band (CB) radios are sold unmodified and without additional power amplifiers. It is the responsiblity of the CB radio operator to operate their CB radio within the FCC's Part 95 rules for the CB radio service. We do not in any way modify, boost, peak, or tune-up CB radios so that they transmit any more then 4 Watts Mean Carrier Power on AM or 12 Watts Peak Envelope Power on SSB. We do not in any way modify CB radios to transmit with AM moduation exceeding 100%. We do not in any way modify CB radios to operate on frequencies outside of the CB radio service.

Radios programmed to operate on FCC Part 97 Amateur Radio Service (ARS) frequencies require that the operator hold an FCC issued Amateur license of the nessary class for the frequency being used. To obtain an Amateur Radio license, contact your local amateur radio club or Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) team for information on license testing opportunities. You can also contact us and we'll help you locate a local Amateur Radio group.


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